SreeKrishna Temple Guruvayur

The Guruvayur Shri Krishna Temple (Malayalam: ഗുരുവായൂര്‍ ശ്രീകൃഷ്ണ ക്ഷേത്രം) is one of the most important and sacred pilgrim centres of India. It is located in the town of Guruvayur in Thrissur district of Kerala. The presiding deity is Sree Krishna, in the standing posture with four hands (Chaturbahu) which carry a Sankhu (conch), Sudarshana chakram (a serrated disk), lotus and mace . The Lord is worshipped in his many manifestations, the favorite with devotees being the 'Sankalpa' of the Lord as 'Unnikrishnan' (Infant krishna). For devotees Guruvayur is "Bhooloka Vaikuntham" and Dakshina Dwaraka. The idol is made of a rare stone known as Patala Anjanam. Official Website :
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Monday, June 23, 2008



The Devaswom provides several amenities for the comfortable stay of pilgrims. The devotees can reserve the rooms in advance. For this, full room rent and reservation charges should be sent to The Administrator, Guruvayur Devaswom, Guruvayur - 680101. by Demand Draft or Money Order well in advance. Full information about the reservation should be given along with the Demand Draft or Money Order. 


The Devaswom Satram located a little away from the Eastern Gopuram has 82 rooms with attached bath and 27 rooms with common bath. There are four blocks in the Satram, namely South Block, East Block, TC Block and Canteen Block 

Kousthubham rest house

The Kousthubhamn rest house is situated adjacent to the sathram building.

The rates are as follows
2 Bedded a/c Room : Rs. 300/- + LT
2 Bedded Room : Rs. 100/-
6 Bedded Room : Rs. 275/-
4 Bedded Room : Rs. 175/-
Dormitory : Rs.300/-
Reservation charge Rs.10 per room


Panchajanyam rest house

The Panchajanyam rest house is situated a bit away to the south side of the east gopuram. 

The rates are as follows
2 Bedded Non A/C Room Rs. 150/- + Reservation Charge
2 Bedded A/C Room Rs. 440/- + L. T ( Rs. 66/-)
5 Bedded Non A/C Room Rs. 350/-+ Reservation Charge
5 Bedded A/C Room Rs. 700/- + L.T (Rs. 105/-)
Reservation Charge for all Non A/C room is Rs.10/- .
No Advance reservation for A/C Rooms. 


Sreevalsam rest house

This guest house is located very near the south side of the temple's east gopuram. There are six air.conditioned 2 bedded suits available here. There is a big lobby in front of the guest house.

(Information as per Devaswom website)


Important notice - Advance Room Booking is not available from Jan 2008 because of the maintenance of Guest houses Panchajayam and Kousthubham.



Santhanam said...

Outdated rates everything not tallied with devasvom's current tariffs. Misleading. Please update or remove

Saravanan Kumar said...

Kindly update Tarrifs and other details

pallavi said...

please add the tariff details.

roons in guruvayoor